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Def Jam Fight for NY: The Venues

There are 24 Venues featured in Def Jam Fight for NY. Click the links to see an example of the levels featured in the game. Some venues have two versions to them(Like The Face Club did in the orignal Vendetta). Some may have a During hours(With a crowd) and After Hours(No crowd). Sometimes the second version of a level may contain some things the first version did not.

Levels contain what are known as sticky points. A sticky point could be anything, a wall, a wooden pillar, a pile of bricks, basically anything you can throw an opponent into. Once an opponent is thrown onto a sticky point, they will "rest" there a bit, allowing you to preform a grapple move that interacts with that weapon. For example, if you were to throw someone into a fence, they would "stick" there for a short period of time. If you were to grapple them, you'd do a move that interacts with the fence, say slamming their head onto the fence a few times.

*The Foundation- An underground fightclub above Highbrige, the Foundation is the perfect place to get your start in the underground fight circuit. You'll pretty much find it all here, speakers that blast out music with bottles atop of them, four pillars that support light and a place to knock your opponent aganist, a blood thristy crowd that can help you in a fight with double team moves and weapons and even soaked cardboard placed on the floor... to soak up any blood.

The Pillars can be used to jump off of to preform some high risk moves, a place to throw your opponent aganist, or even be turned into a weapon whe broken. Also, if you destroy a lightsource here, you'll notice the level will be a little bit darker.
-Omar Epps, Capone, Trick, Bo and Nyne can be found at this venue

*Gun Hill Garage- Match Premise: Demolition- Gun Hill Garage is located underneath "The Gauntlet". In an underground parking, you and your opponent fight in tight place surrounded by a crowd, and two SUVs. Although teh crowd may hand you weapons, the SUVs themselves are the main weapons in this venue. To win, you must destroy your opponent's vechicle, you can do this by throwing them onto the windshield, smash him on the hood, throw him into the head lights, and maybe if it's loosened, smash your opponent's head using the car's door. But make sure to beat him down on his car, because messing your opponent up on your car... is actually helping him win.
-Busta Rhymes can be found at this venue

*The Gauntlet- The Gauntlet is an octagonal cage located in the middle of a corwd that's looking for a fight. This venue hold legal sanctioned fights, and tournaments time to time, but there's tons of illegal stuff happening outside the ring. The Gauntlet can be used many different ways, the small caged atmosphere make it great for close combat fighting, while teh cage walls make for perfect high risk attacks. If you manage to break open the door, you may use it to your advantage by slamming it on your opponent's head.

The Gauntlet also has an "Intense" version t it. When it becomes intense, you'll notice some different lighting, also it usually means a tornament is going on.
-Lil Flip can be found at this venue

*Hunt's Point Scrapyard- Located in the South Bronx, Hunt's point's fighting area is surrounded by old cars, a huge dumpster, a chain linked fence and a crowd(which is pretty samll compared to the one found in the Foundation or the Gauntlet). This venue is pretty special because it's mostly used by D-Mob's crew when they want to... solve personal issues. Knock your opponent's head aganist the dumpster to open it, and reveil a very special weapon.

After hours: Although, when this venue is crawling with a crowd, not many secrets are exposed. Although when the crowd is gone, Hunt's point becomes a more darker venue, and areas once blocked by teh crowd are now reachable. You'll notice a group of barrels when the crowd is gone, smash your opponent aganist this, and you'll find a weapon that could be used to your advantage.
-Teck can be found at this venue

*The Terrordome- In an abbanddoned factory in soundview, lies one of the most brutal places found in the Bronx. You'll find no nonsense or weapons here. You're basically down in a graffiti coverd pit, where the crowd watches from above. There are four pillars also here, where you can jump off of, you just throw your opponent into.
-Flava Flav, Baxter, Dan G and Crazy Legs can be found at this venue

*The Dragon House- Match Premise: Ringout- Located within the Chinatown Underground, lies the Dragon House. A dark venue only lit by torches, contains a square fighting area made of wood. The are is surrounded by a wooden railng which can be used for air attacks or player interaction., Santos, Masa and Chiang can be found at this venue

*The Babylon Nightclub- The babylon nightclub is a jamacian themed club located in the Flatbush area. All kind of weapon goodies can be found here for the serious brawler, it's also a nice place to look for some laidies...
-Carmen Electra, Lil Kim, Shawnna, Kimora Lee, Cindy J, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Scarface, Pockets. Solo, Meca and Joe Budden can be found at this venue

*Club 357- Club 357 is a boxing ring located in teh middle of a bar. A fighting-hungry corwd surrounds the ring as you try to defeat your opponent. Expect interaction from the ropes to the turnbuckles.
-Ice T and Method Man can be found at this venue.

*The Chopshop- The Chopshop is your basic square shaped arena with a metal railing to keep the crowd back. But just because the crowd can't get to you, doesn't mean the weapons can't either. The Chopshop is basically known for it's weapon fights. The railings can be used for some high flying attacks, even the corners of the level are climible.

The Source magazine also hosts a two-on-two tournament here, where the winner can win a fully loaded SUV.
-Warren G, Mack 10, WC can be found at this venue

*The Heights- Remember Grimeyville from Vendetta? Basically take out the ring, and the barriers, and you have the Heights, N.O.R.E's strict rule venue. And that rule? Anything goes. There isn't much to interactive with within this venue, except for a few brick posts you can jump off off. The big thing to look out for is the barbed wire found near the end of the level, being thrown onto these can really hurt.
-N.O.R.E, Dan G, Elephant Man and Prodigy can be found at this venue

*The Limit- Enter the limit, this biker-bar venue will tell you why it's called the limit, because that's what it will push you too. Within this bar venue, you'll be fighting infront of some pretty tough-and maybe drunk- bikers, who have no favorites, so teh first chance they get, they may turn on you.

At one end of the bar, you'll find a junkbox, and perfect place slam your opponent into. You'll also find a wooden pillar, another place you can preform a variety of moves. On teh other side you'll find a pool table, with plenty pool cues you can hit over your opponent's head, or you could just slam him into the table all together. The rest of the level is filled with rowdy drinkers that could hit you, or grab you out of no where.
-Xzibit, Cruz, Danny Trejo, Nyne, Chiang, Trick and Memphis Bleek can be found at this venue

*The Pit- Known for it's wild free-for-all tournaments, this career ending venue is a construction site. Building has already started, but that's even better. Expect to see wooden shafts, and imcomplete wooden walls. There are floodlights here that can also be used. There's also a few sand bags you can jump off of. And be on the look out, and Sludge hammer is just waiting for you.
-Bubba Sparxxx, Cruz, Solo and Eric Sermon can be found at this venue

*Syn Energy The Power Plant- Another one of D-mob's venues he got from an unpaid debt, the Powerplant is mostly known for it's wild free-for-all fights. This dark area features a pretty big crowd who early on will give anyone a wepon to provide entertainment. On both sides of the area are chain-linked fences, another perfect way to hurt someone.
-Freeway, Havoc, Bless, Slick Rick, Rome and Comp can be found at this venue

*Club Murder- Match Premise: Cage Match- A square cage, metal fence on the bottom, barb wire on the top. With a name like Club Murder, you best be worried on what can happen here. The matches here don't stop, until someone drops.
-Fat Joe can be found at this venue

*Crow's Office- Match Premise: Window Match- Located on the top floor of a skyscraper, Crow's Officer over looks all of New York. Strictly business goes down here, but we're not talking about paperwork. The only business here is throwing people out windows.

*Red Hook Tire Co.- Match Premise: Inferno- A New York abanndoned warehouse is another place you can go at it in. Two wooden pillars are located here for you to throw your opponent aganist. Remember, if you can break it down, a wooden splinter will appear, and you can of course use that as a weapon Also, throughout the match, oieces of wood can bhe found falling from the ceiling, all can be used as weapons..

Did I mention the part about how you're surrounded by a ring of flames? As the match goes on, the flames grow closer and closer. Make sure not to touch the flames though or you'll be burned and lose some serious health. But what's a burn compared to you having a blazin' move preformed on you into teh fire? How about a lost?
-Sticky Fingaz can be found at this venue

*The Red Room- The Red Room may seem like your basic boxing ring, but it's surrounded by a blood thristy crowd, which is surrounded by a country-club like atmosphere. You can expect hard hitting punches to go on here, with lots of interaction from the ropes to the turnbuckles.
-WC can be found at this venue

*Seventh Heaven- Located within a gentlemens club lies seventh heaven. Expect to fight within a circle area with a meatl rail surrounding it which can be used many different ways. You can expect different types of bottles around the area that can be used as weapons. Later on during the story, Ludacris takes over 'Seventh Heaven' and turns it into 'Club DTP'.
-Ludacris, David Banner, Fam Lay and Bonecrusher can be found at this venue

*Stapleton Athletics- Most likely the gym you train in, Stapleton is a bloody boxing ring. With few spectators in the background, Stapleton is the best place to train your fighter. Use te\he ropes to throw around your opponent, or the turnbuckles for some player interaction.

*125th Street Station- Match Premise: Subway- Located in the New York Underground, 125th Street Station offers one hell of a place to brawl. You can smash your opponent through just about anything here, from Signs, Newspaper machines, Metal pillars and fencing. You have a couple minute to beat down your opponent until the train arrives, but make sure he's on the tracks before it comes.

In Fight for NY, you are know longer forced to fight inside rings. You are no longer forced to obey "rope breaks" and "pinning an opponent for 3 seconds to win". In Fight for NY, you can go freely within a level, using whatever you come across. Basically, in Fight for NY, you can use the level to your advantage, or it could be used against you.

The levels in Fight for NY are different than the ones found in Vendetta. Instead of fighting in side a wrestling ring that was surrounded by a fence divider in the middle of a Church, a Warehouse and Clubs, you will be fighting in construction sites, subway platforms, clubs, burning warehouses and even cages... all ringless(unless you choose to fight in the Boxing ring).

Once again, the levels are fully interactive. Anything from wooden beams, speakers, lights and even the crowd can be used to help you, or used to hurt you.
One thing unique about the levels are weapons. There are basically three ways to get weapons, each giving you different kinds. You have your basic weapons such as bear bottles and light bulbs. These can be found throughout the level. Then, you have weapons that can even things up when you're being beat down, such as bats, and metal pipes, but these can only be given to you by the crowd. And finally, there are do it yourself weapons, such as wooden splinters, that you can only get by destroying the level its self(For example, if you were to break a wooden beam, you may use it's remains as a weapon).

Other than weapons, you can slam your opponent into anything within the level. Wooden beams, pool tables, juke boxes, all waiting for you to throw your opponent into them.

Another cool feature is that when the match because, all of that level may not be accessible. You may have to break something to enable you to venture on within a level. Another feature is that some levels contain a Ring-out feature, some match types even revolve around these feature. For example, say you're fighting on the Hotel Floor, you may want to toss your opponent out of one of the windows to win(Which is the premise of the window match).

Also, there are little things here and there that make the venues special. For example, if you bust a light source, the level will be slowly dimmer. Also, when you're playing in the warehouse match, the flames will slowly get closer, meaning the fighting area gets smaller.  

                                         Concept art for "The Terrordome"

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