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DJFfNY: News/ Rumors

News/ Rumors
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Def Jam Fight for NY: News and Rumors.

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated the news hasn't it?
Well, let's start with the official website. In the... month and I half I didn't update the fansite, the official website ( has had quite a few updates. Check out some their their great stuff.
If you haven't been checking Gamerankings, you should. They've got a whole bunch of links of Def Jam Fight for NY previews, reviews and what not. Speaking of reviews, according to GameRankings, the average game score it's recieved is as follows:
Playstation2: 84%
Nintendo Gamecube: 84.5%
Xbox: 84.1%
Looks like this game is a solid hit. Anyways, to check out some GameRanking links, check out the links section.
Finally, has posted up some helpful guides. If I had to reccomend some to check out, give Came Rider and psydeath's guides a look at. Let's hope my guides get posted soon ;p.
A lot of updates over at the official site. First off, you can now find a Music Player on there where you can preview the game's soundtrack. You can check that out here:
They've also updated the Shops section. Here, yu can check out some screens and info about the 5 different shops you can visit within story mode. You can check that out here:
Could LL Cool J, Kurupt and DMX be in the game after all? Blazinj90 inserted his Def Jam OPM demo into his DVD drive of his compupter and he came across a DJV2 folder. He clicked he and there was a file named Chars. He opened it with wordpad and he found a list of characters. He read it and noticed DMX, Kurupt and LL Cool J were on the list.
Now, I was a bit spectical when I saw this, but then wrestlefaqs over at GameFAQs confirmed this was true. He also posted a little bit found within the text:
Character list
Defines character names and attributes

<name>L.L. Cool J.</name>
I'm working on getting a screen of this, but until then, may DMX, LL Cool J and Kurupt be in the game after all?
The game is out in a full days, but you still pondering whether to buy or not? Check out GameRankings to see some reviews found throughout teh net.
MTV is doing The Leak for Def Jam Fight for NY. Check out vioce sessions with stats and more. Check it out:
Special thanks to Academic0outlaw for the info.
You can check out the 5th official wallpaper here:  and
Special thanks to 'Nate'  and 'Roger F' for sending this to me.
Online Community Manager Jon Long e-mailed me today. Contained within that e-mail was some information about the game. Here's a breif description:
*Created fighters CAN ONLY be created within story mode. There is no Create-a-fighter feature outside of Story mode. When you choose battle mode, and load your ID, your character will be choosible from the character selection screen.
*The Ring Out match is held in 'The Dragon House'. Those wooden fences within the level can be broken. While in a ring out match, you must break them and push your opponent off the elevated platform to win.
*A 'Radio' section will be added to teh official site for everyone to preview the soundtrack for the game.
*D-Mob will have multiple outfits.
*Just because you beat Crow, that doesn't mean the story mode is over.
Special thanks to GameStop employee Academicoutlaw for scanning the demo instruction booklet that was sent to game stores across teh country. You can check them out here:
Def Jam Fight for NY has officially gone gold. To those who don't know, when a game goes 'Gold', the game is fully completed and is ready for packaging. The announcement came from EA themself, so you can check out the article here:
This Wednesday, BET's show 'Access Granted' will be doing an episode on Def Jam Fight for NY. You can check this out Wednesday night 9:30 pm Easterm time. Check your local listings for it.
David Banner and Elephant Man were on BET's 'RapCity The Basement' today. They talked about the game, but nothing really new. They showed Elephant Man, David Banner and Big Tigger playing what seemed to be the finished copy of the game, and even showed an in game cinematic. If you didn't check it out today, make sure to watch a repeat. Check your local listings.
The official site has added the character profile videos for Prodigy and Sean Paul. You can check them out here:
IGN has a vid of Cindy J taking on Kimora Lee Simmons. You can check it out here:
Having trouble checking out the game's commercial over at You can check it out here: Thanks to Shiruan from the GameFAQs/GameSpot message boards.
Thanks to IBiggsI for posting this on GameFAQs. Head over to and look at the top left hand corner. If you see Mase's head, click it, if you don't, you'll see a new video for Fight for NY. This mostly likely seems like the TV commercial for the game, but anyways it starts off with a few clips from the crews trailer, but it has a few new scenes such as Carmen Fighting Cindy J, Meth calling a created character worthless, and Snoop showing his cane become a knife. Check it out.
The official site has the unedited versions of the crew profile videos where you hear crew members speak. You can check them out here:
IGN has a few new videos that showcase five blazin' moves, and gameply footage of Mack 10 and Memphis Bleek. You can check them out here:
The official Fight for NY site has two new videos. You can check out the character profile videos of both Flava Flav and David Banner. You can check them out here:
IGN has also updated their 'Faces of Def Jam'. Here you can check out the fictional character House. You can check out his character profile here:
Finally, I would like to thank GameFAQs' robvandarn for imforming me that EA recently released the official soundtrack to Fight for NY. The soundtrack contains about 25 songs in all. But, that doesn't mean there can be a few unlockable ones like the Unlockables in-game description says. You can check out the list here:
What surprises me is that some of the songs announced by magazines and heard in video clips are no longer included. Could they be unlockable or maybe go the way Ludacris' Saturday did in Vendetta, and not appear at all.
Jon Long responded to an e-mail with a set of questions I've asked him. Some weren't really as important, but for those that were, here is a summary of what I've learned:
*Jacob the Jeweler is a playable character, DJ Felli Fel and DJ Enuff are not though.
*You cannot combine matches. For example, you cannot have a 2 on 2 subway match or a free-for-all inferno match.
*N.O.R.E's level is The Heights, which is Lefrak in a way.
*Lauren cannot be choosen as a girlfriend, she is only an unlockable character.
*The 10 winners of the Def Jam poster contest from the official site have been choosen, but only 1 of the 10 of them replyed back. Jon may have to redraw the whole thing. If you've enterd the contest, be sure to check your inbox(es).
BallisticThaKonflict over at the Def Jam Vendetta board on e-mailed me about the songs playing through the new movies Team Xbox posted. During the Elephant Man fight, CNN's "Anything Goes" can be heard playing. During the Fat Joe fight, Fat Joe's "Take a look at my life" can be heard playing.
If you're wondering why the link to the Xbox videos from Team Xbox don't work, the libk has changed. You can find the videos here: thanks again to GameFAQs' PINOYwithRICEhat for providing the link.
Shawnna is up for IGN's Def Jam character profiles. You can check out her game play footage here:
PINOYwithRICEhat over at informed me that Team Xbox has some huge videos over at their official site. What will you be instore for with these videos? Create-a-fighter in action importantly, and maybe Their created fighter walking into Club Murder with D-mob, Blaze and Lil Kim. Check them out:
BallisticThaKonflict from IGN has informed me that during one of the GameSpot videos( Gameplay footage 5) he heard Busta Rhyme's "Make it hurt" playing in the background. Thanks for the info Ballistic. 
IGN has a new video for Method Man, check it out:


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