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DJFfNY: Match Types/ Game Modes

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Match Types/ Game Modes
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Def Jam Fight for NY: The Match Types and Game Modes

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Match Types
Def Jam: Fight for NY will contain 10 different match types. You'll encounter them during story mode, and be able to play them with a couple of friends, or just against the computer. Click the links to see a screen of the match taking place.
The match types include:
One on One: Alright, it's just you and your opponent. The two you of fight until one person is knocked out, or one person submits.
Game Description: One on One: No Excuses. Step up and prove you belong.
Team Match: Basically the same as one on one, but you have a partner. You fight a team of two people. The Two-on-two match is down elimination style. To win, you must KO both your opponents. Once one person has been KO'd, it will then become a Two-on-two match. If you manage to KO one opponent, it will then become a One-on-one match.
Game Description: Team Macth: Double Up. Take the pain the mutiply it by two.
Free-4-All: Similair to the Two on Two match, except it's everyone for themself. A person is elminated as they are knocked out. The winner has to over come three other opponents to win.
Game Description: Free-for-all: Everyman for himself. You gotta have skill to beat em' all.
Inferno Match:  Held in 'Red Hook Tire Co.': It's kind of like your basic one-on-one fight, except it takes place in the middle of a ring of fire. To win, you must push your opponent into the fire to the point of knocking him out. If you're opponent is not in Danger status, it will only weakn him. You must beat your opponent until he reaches Danger status, then push him into the flames for teh ultimate KO.
Game Description: Inferno Match: The heat is on. Fight till the end in a ring of fire.
Window Match: Held in 'Crow's Office': It's kind of like your basic one-one-one fight, except the only way to win is two throw your opponent out of one of three windows. Although, you need to break teh glass first. To do this, you must use your opponent. Once the glass is broken, it's up to you to push them out.
Game Description: Window Match: Watch your step. There's only one way out for the loser.
Subway Match: Held in '125th Street Station': The Subway match is your basic one-on-one fight. Although, to win, you must throw your opponent infront of an on coming train. Although, the trains don't come every second. You must weakn your opponent, and push them onto the tracks via a strong attack(or a Blazin' move) just before a train arrives.
Game Description: Subway Match: All Aboard. Your one-way ticket to Pain.
Demolition Match: Held in 'Gun Hill Garage': You're basically in an underground parking lot. The special part about this match up is that two cars can be found here. To win the demolition match, you must destory your opponent's ride. To do this, you have to use your opponent as your main weapon.
Game Description: Demolition Match: Ride or get rolled on. It's your ride aganist his.
Cage Match: Held in 'Club Murder': Your Cage match is a basic one-one-one match within a caged area. To win, you must knock out your opponent.
Game Description: Cage match: No Escape. It don't stopp till someone Drops.
Ring out match: Held in 'The Dragon House': The point of the Ring-Out match is to ring out your opponent. The Ring-Out match is held in the elevated Dragon House. To win, you must break the wooden fences that surround the playing arena. Once broken, you must find a way to knock your opponent off the elevated platform. First one to hit the ground is the loser.
Game Description: Ring Out Match: Over The Edge. Get Thorwn out and it's game over.
The One-on-one, Team match and Free-4-all matchs have three different rule sets. Picking them will give you different styles of gameplay.
The first Rule set is 'Standard Rules'. Basically, you fight until someone is KO'd or submits to a tap out. The second rule set is 'Crowd Favorites'. With this rule set, you and your opponent have a five minute match. The match is over when someone is knocked out, or the time expires. Basically, whoever has the most points at the end of the five minute time limit is the winner. The 3rd rule set is 'No Submissions'. Basically, you're opponents can knock tap out. Only certain match types have these rule sets.


Def Jam Fight for NY: The Modes
Story Mode:
It all begins with a mysterious suspect breaking D-Mob out of prison. Once freed, D-Mob discovers that the underground fight circuit that he once made has been taken over by a new boos named Crow(Played by Snoop Dogg). As the mysterious suspect, you join D-Mob's crew, and journey into the underground fighting world, where a violent turf war for the underground fight world is just beginning.
Being three times the length of the original Def Jam Vendetta and contain over 6 times more of story content, with over 90 matches and 20 minutes of cinematics, Fight for NY's story mode will surpass the one of the orignal Vendetta, and be a huge part of Fight for NY.
The story mode will be different than the one found in Vendetta. Instead of being told who and where to fight next, you get to choose which venue you want to fight at, and who in that venue you want to Fight. Usually, when you start off story mode, there may be one or two venues you can travel too, but as you beat a number of people in a venue, it will open up another venue for you to fight it.
But don't think you can just go to venues, there are also other places you can go too. You can head to the gym, and learn new fighting moves and styles from Gym trainer Henry Rollings, travel to Jacob and Jeweler's place to buy his latest jewelry, hit up Manny's Tattoo parlour to get a tattoo for your character, or even get a haircut from Stingray the Barber.
You clothes will also affect the story mode. As you fight, your clothes will give you some added charisma. Although, if you continue to use those clothes, your that extra charisma will drop. To maintain your bonus charisma, you will have to keep on changing your clothes to relate with the newest clothes out there. As you play story mode, these clothes do become more expensive.
As you play through story mode, you will earn money and development points. Money can be used to dress up your character, by getting hair cuts, buying clothes, getting tattoos, and buying some jewelry. Development points can be used to buy new moves and blazin' moves for your character.
The fun isn't over once you have complete story mode. Once story mode has been completed, bonus matches will open up for you to play, and completing these will give you a lot of money.
Created characters can only be used to to play story mode. According to Josh Holmes, it should take a person atleast 15 to 20 hours to complete story mode. Also, each game system's game will have different cut scenes from one another.
Game Description: Story: Single Player. Fight for Money, Power, Respect. Unlock New characters and venues.

Battle Mode:

Battle mode is where you can play as however you want, where ever you want and in any match you want. In battle mode, you can play with up to 4 friends, or play aganist the computer. By playing battle mode, you can win money which can be used to buy characters and venues.

In battle mode, you get to play as who ever you want. You can choose one of 75 characters(45+ celebrites and 25+ fictional characters). Then you can choose who you want to fight(if you decide to play aganist the computer).

From there, you can choose what kind of match you want. You can choose one of 10 different matches which include one-on-one, two-on-two, free-4-all and a wide variety of others.

Once you've done that, you can choose what venues you want to fight in, with over 20 venues you can choose to fight in basements, subways, hotel rooms, clubs, bars, whereever you want.

Once you've chosen everything, it's time to play.

Game Description: Battle: Up to 4 players. Bring your crew and throw down.


The create-a-fighter is a very unique mode found in Def Jam Fight for NY. A mode that over 99% of people wanted in the first game.

The Create-a-fighter may not be as flexible as the ones found in The tiger woods or Smackdown games(You cannot make wacky types of characters) but you can make characters that fit the game's style, plus they'll look as good as any of the characters found in the game.

To create a character, you will be taken to a sketch artist early in the game. By answering the sketch artist's questions, you can come in with your character. But the creating isn't done here. As you progress through story mode, you will unlock different things for you character, so you'll be able to constantly update his appearance.

Items for you character include: hoodies, du-rags, bandanas, hats, sunglasses, watches, ear rings, rings, chains, bracelets, shirts, shoes, pants, shorts, jackets, and T-shirts. Although, these will be licensed items from: Def Jam University, Jordan, Ekco, Enyce, Joker, Phat Farm, Rocawear, Sean Jean, Zoo York, Reebok, Jacob & Co, and Fila.

Also, there are many different kinds of head wear you can use, such as: doo rags, headbands, bandanas, visers, baseball hats, berets, and fedoras. Like clothes, hats can be worn many different ways, for example you can wear a visor at the front, the side, the back, upside down, etc.

Also, clothing items can be used different ways. For example, you can choose from awide variety of different kinds of pants. Once you've chosen, you can then choose the color of the pants, then you can decide how your characters wear these pants. For example they can wear them with their underwear showing, without their underwear showing, one or both pant legs rolled up, etc. With that, there will be over 1000 items for your created character(3000 if you include the different ways you can use an item).

Other than the clothes and accessories your character can wear, you can also update their Hair style. You can choose from many different hairstyles which include afros and dred locks, or you can be bald. You can also choose the color of these hair styles from colors such as Black, Blue or Red. Although, for facial hair, colors like red and blue cannot be used.

You can also give your character tattoos. Some tattoo styles include: tribal, celtic, jailhouse, japanese, polynesian, and religious. Tattoos can be placed on a variety of body parts including: R/L bicep, R/L forearm, Chest, Back, R/L leg, Neck & Face. You may replace a tattoo at anytime, but you must first remove the original tattoo you want to replace(Which is around $300)

But all these things don't come free. You will have to use money earned from fights to purchase them. Also, you'll need to play around story mode for additional items to be unlocked.

But don't just think you can edit a characters appearance. You can also edit their move list. You first pick a main fighting style, and build your move list from the moves given. But as you progress through story mode, you can add 2 addtional fighting styles, giving you a wide variety of moves you can give your character. You can also assign your character up to four different blazin'(special) moves.

You build up a number of skills in the Gym for your character, including Upper Power, Lower Power, Speed, Toughness and Health. You also have a Charisma rating which affects your ability to earn momentum, but this cannot be directly affected. In addition, there are bonuses that form part of the overall maximum value for each of the skills. These are earned by achieving milestones and learning new styles. There are five bonuses for each skill, and each bonus is worth 3% of the overall maximum for that skill. It's not possible to max out all of your skills for this reason.

Creating a character is a must because it is the only way you can play story mode.

Game Description: None. Create a fighter in located in Story mode.

Options: Select a difficulty, edit the volume of music/ sound effects, Toogle submission on/off, etc. 

Game Description: Options: It's your world. Set up the rules you like.

Beatbox: Here, you can toogle on/off the game's musical tracks to make your own custom playlist.

Game Description: BeatBox: Your music Library. Choose the tracks that make you want to fight.

Unlock Rewards: You, you use your reward point earn in story mode, to buy any of the 12 unlockable characters, and the number of unlockable venues.

Game Description: Unlock Rewards: Get Hooked up. Unlock Characters and venues with reward points.

Extras: View special features. Nothing is currently known about this mode.

Game Description: Extras: Special Features. Cool stuff for you to check out.

Highscores: Who hold teh records for longet match? Shortest match? most wins? Check it all out here.

Game Description: Highscore: Roll call. Check teh stats for the best of the best.

Credits: View who made the game. Be on the look out for some faces like Josh Holmes, Jon Long and Katrina Strafford.

Game Description: Credits: Better Recognize. Giving credit where credit is due.


Online was been removed from Fight for NY.

*Note: More information on this subject as it becomes announced.


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