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DJFfNY: Pictures

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Extras pt. 2

Def Jam Fight for NY: Pictures

Ingame Screenshots:

Ingame Character Models:
(Left to right) Ghostface, Fam Lay, N.O.R.E
*More character models coming soon*

Character Concept Art:
(Left to right) Prodigy, David Banner, Snoop Dogg
(Top Left to Bottom Right) Bouncer, Skull, Solo, Teck
*More concept art comnig soon*

Additional photos:
Additional screens can be found:

Videos/Game play movies:

You can find your Def Jam Fight for NY video hook-ups here:

Official WallPapers:

How to use: Click the coresponding screen size of your computer. Then, right click the image and click 'Set as background'.

Wallpaper One: D-Mob

800 x 600:

1024 x 768:

Wallpaper Two: The laidies of Fight for NY

800 x 600:

1024 x 768:

Wallpaper Three: Crow's Crew.
Wallpaper Four: D-Mob's crew.
Wallpaper Five: Five Screens.

*Note: More images to be added.


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