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DJFfNY: Extras

Def Jam Fight for NY: Rated M for Mature:
The ESRB has announced that Def Jam Fight for NY will be rated M(Mature, 17+). The game itself will contain: Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language and Violence according to the ESRB.
The Music of Def Jam Fight for NY:

The following tracks will be heard when you're taking out your opponent(Or Vice Versa). Different musical tracks will play depending on what venue you're fighting in, or what sitiuation you're in.

Official Tracks:
*Beezle feat. BoneCrusher- See about ya
*Big Daddy Kane- Nuff Respect
*Bless- Get it Now
*Bless- Sieze the day
*Busta Rhymes- Make It Hurt
*Chiang's Mix- Koto
*C.N.N, Wayne Wonder, Lexxus- Anything Goes
*C.N.N- Yes Sir
*Comp- Comp
*Comp- Get into it
*Deuce, Dub and the Junkyard Gang- We Gon Hit Em
*Fat Joe- Take A Look At My Life
*Freeway feat. Peedi Crack- Flipside
*Ice T- O.G. Original Gangster
*Joe Budden- Pop Off
*Joe Budden- Walk with me
*LL Cool J- Mama Said Knock You Out
*Masa Mix- O.G. The Dragon House
*Method Man feat. Busta Rhymes- What's Happenin'
*Method Man and Redman- America's Most
*Nyne's Beat- Afterhours
*Outkast- Bust
*Pastor Troy feat. Ms. Jade- Are We Cuttin'
*Public Enemy- Move!
*Redman- Let's Get Dirty
*Ric-A-Che- Lil' Bro
*Shawnna- Let's Go
*Sticky Fingaz- Man Up
*Stingray Mix- Chopshop
*Ultramagnetic MC's- Poppa Larage
*Volume 10- PistolGrip-Pump
*Xzibit- Mother Mother

Songs that were announced by media/ Made appearances in videos, but did not appear in the game:

*Beenie Man feat. Sean Paul and Lady Saw- Bossman
*Busta Rhymes- Call The Ambulance
*Bubba Sparxxx- Take A load Off
*David Banner- Crank It Up

*Note: According to EA's Katrina Strafford, the music featured in Def Jam Fight for NY will be edited lightly.

The Announcers of Fight for NY:

There will be atleast several different ring announcers for "Def Jam Fight for NY". Ring announcers will say different things durring a Fight, much like Funkmaster Flex did in Vendetta.(Except with more pharses that would apply to an M rating). You'll hear a different Ring announcer for a different venue, so it says fresh.

Ring announcers include:

*DJ Felli Fell

*DJ Enuff


Note: Other Ring announcers to be announced

The Crowd of Fight for NY:
Unlike in the original Vendetta, the Crowd is actually useful now in Fight for NY. In certain venues, you may be fighting in the middle of a crowd of people, or there might be a few people watching you fight. Now, instead of just taking up space, the crowd is actually useful to you.
Depending on whose side the corwd is on(based on charisma) the crowd can act different ways.
If the crowd is on your side, you may throw our opponent into the crowd, and preform double teams with them. This can be they may hold them down while you punch and kick them, they may preform a double team grapple move with you, they may throw you them in the air and allow you to preform in air moves, or one crowd member may hold down an opponent, while another crowd member hits them with an object. Remember, if the corwd is on you;re opponent's side, they may do this to you.
If the crowd is neutral(This is mostly in the beginning of the match) they may push you back into the action is you get to close, or even hit you. If the match isn't really in your favor, they may just give you a weapon.
Some venues where you can interact with the crowd are: The Foundation, The Bablyon Nightclub, Gun Hill Garage, Hunt's Point Scrapyard, Syn Energy Power Plant.

The Girlfriends of Fight for NY:

You enter the Babylon nightclub, when a certain girl catches your eye. You go up to her, but she brushes you off, seems that you're not "big" enough to handle her. What do you do? Win her attention.

Returning from Vendetta is the girlfriend system where you try to hook up with a lady. But this isn't Vendetta, so the girlfriend system is different. Instead of the girls fighting over you, you have to fight for their attention. You may do this by winning fights, and dressing up in some of the newest clothing.

But once you do win over a girl, and your reputation is up, this opens up a whole world or options. Sometimes, a new girl may come and try to steal you away from your current girlfriend. You can choose to stay with your current girl, or go with the new one... both will result in a different serise of events.

Do you have what it takes to get with the virtual versions of Carmen Electra, Shawnna, Kimora Lee, Cindy J or Lil Kim? Or maybe you want to hook up with characters made by EA like Shaniqua?

The Fighting Styles of Fight for NY:

New to Def Jam Fight for NY, are fighting styles. Each character has their own style, which is a mix of 5 existing styles, with their own sub-styles.

Combine up to three of the five given fighting styles for your character to give them their own unique style. These styles are: Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Submission fighting, Street fighting and wrestling.

But, within these five fighting styles, are sub-styles. For example, with martial arts, your character can use karate, capoeira, tae kwon doe, etc.

For your created character, you will be able to pick which main fighting style you want your character to master(Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Submission fighting, Street fighting and wrestling) and what sub-styles you want your character to master(For example, some of Martial Arts' sub styles are karate, capoeira and tae kwon). You will be able to learn moves from these move sets, to add to your character's move set to make a unique fighting style.

Now each fighting style is different, giving you different moves and ways to fight. Here's what to expect from each fighting stlye:

*Martial Arts: With the fighting style Martial Arts, your character will mostly depend on counter attacks and quick strikes. In addition, Martial artists are very strong on the defensive side. They can use the environment to their advantage to preform powerful flying attacks, which can be used to KO your opponent.

-The Sub Style for Martial arts include: Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Baji Quan, Capoeria, Drunken Boxing, Shaolin, Mantis, Tae Kwon Do, and Aikido.

*Kickboxing: With the fighting style Kickboxing, your character will mostly depend on kicking and kicking attacks, but they can grapple their opponent and use some kick, punch and elbow combos. If they can pull off these combos with success, then can finish them with a haymaker at the end, that will most likely KO their opponent.

*Submissions: With the fighting style Submission, your character will mostly depend on getting your opponent to tap out. This can be done by aiming at a specific part of the body, and constantly using a submission move that targets that body part. Sooner or later, your opponent is most likely to tap out.

*Street Fighting: With the fighting style Street Fighting, your character will mostly depend on punch attacks, and punch combos, they can also use different throws, but are far less technical than ones you may find with wrestlers. Street fighters can knock their opponent out with a nice haymaker punch.

*Wrestling: With the fighting stlye Wrestling, your character will mostly depend on throws and holds, but their strikes are pretty slow compared to other fighting styles. The trademark is a nice KO deliverd to an opponeny by a front or rear hard grapple.

Also, there’s also ground fighting. Getting your opponent to the ground, will give you a whole new way of fighting. Such as ground attacks, and submission moves. You may also move away from your opponent, without even getting up.


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